Westminster in the Community

Westminster in the Community
Westminster in the Community

Westminster in the Community refers to our programme of civic engagement, which we view as an increasingly important educational component of good citizenship.

Through a series of well conceived projects and activities, many of them pupil driven, Westminster wants to encourage its pupils to look outwards beyond the immediate priorities of academic and extra-curricular success, creating an expectation that every pupil, during their time at the school, will have engaged in at least one educationally beneficial project.

Such opportunities may conveniently fall into three categories:

•    Volunteering

•    Charitable fund raising

•    Other outreach projects and initiatives

Our civic engagement programme is now entering its third year. At the end of the Election term 2012 over 300 pupils had held volunteering placements, involving a weekly commitment of at least 2 terms. This does not include the many pupils involved charity fund raising events like September Saturday or other stand alone outreach projects. Westminster in the Community is now embedded into the culture of the School and many of our present and future pupils will continue to gain an enormous amount from the opportunities on offer.

For those wishing to apply to Universities in the US, and increasingly in the UK, evidence of such engagement is a fundamental part of the Counsellor’s School Report. For medical applications a sustained and committed volunteering placement is now essential.

A significant number of exciting and worthwhile opportunities are now available with new opportunities coming on stream each year.