Entry at 11 +

Entry at 11 +

Admissions to Westminster at 11 years old are generally for boys applying from state primary schools, but we welcome applications from independent school candidates whose current school goes up to Year 6. Pupils spend two years at Westminster Under School before progressing to Westminster School at the age of 13.

Registration and entry

In the January preceding entry to the Under School, boys in Year 6 take a competitive 11+ entry examination.

11+ Entry bursaries

Means tested bursaries up to 100% of fees are available for boys entering the Under School at 11+. Awards are made on the basis of the examination sat the previous January prior to entry. Boys awarded such bursaries move automatically into Westminster School from the Under School.

School fees

Please refer to the latest list of fees.

There are three terms per academic year. After two years at the Under School rate, fees change to the applicable ‘day’ or ‘boarding’ Westminster School rate when the boy reaches 13 years old.


For further information, please visit the Under School's Website at www.westminsterunder.org.uk.