Sixth Form

Sixth Form
The Sixth Form

The co-educational Sixth Form at Westminster offers an exciting, stimulating and challenging environment for learning. The School is one of the foremost centres of academic excellence in the country – a reputation due not only to its pupils’ unrivalled examination results and admission to the top universities worldwide but, even more importantly, because of their enjoyment of academic enquiry, debate and search for explanation well beyond the published syllabus.

In addition, pupils enhance both their intellectual and social development by taking full advantage of the many opportunities that are offered in sport, music, drama, debating, community service and other forms of civic engagement. Historically Westminster is a boarding school and approximately one third of Sixth-Form pupils, girls and boys, are boarders. Some boarders come from far away but most are Londoners who prefer to avoid the daily grind of commuting. For day pupils also Westminster is very different from a conventional school. Many remain long after the teaching day has finished, perhaps to work in the library, or for extra sport, to rehearse for a play or concert, or to attend a lecture. Many day pupils join the boarders for breakfast or supper. 

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We are sometimes asked if we are considering the International Baccalaureate. The answer is that we have decided to retain A-levels and to introduce some Cambridge Pre-University syllabuses, both of which allow specialization. At Westminster most pupils study for four subjects, which provide both breadth and depth, while the elective principle fits well with Westminster’s tradition of nurturing individual talents and interests. We also find that the sheer intellectual enjoyment that this individual approach brings, ensures that pupils go on to win places at excellent universities. Those academic departments, that now follow the Cambridge Pre-University specifications do so because they are more stimulating than the equivalent A-level syllabuses and therefore allow Westminsters better to realize their potential.

It is always helpful to have a glimpse at first hand of what will lie ahead, so we strongly encourage you to come to one of our open days before the formal process of interviews and tests gets under way. We look forward very much to meeting you, showing you the School and introducing you to the Heads of the Academic Departments who will answer any questions you might have.