"I never feel worried at school or afraid to ask for help"

Where challenges are overcome

Barnaby, 9, Lions

“I never feel worried at school or afraid to ask for help – the teachers really want to talk about their subjects and get excited when you ask questions. It feels like a place where you are looked after.”

As a highly selective school, all pupils at the Under School are intelligent. However, for those with a specific learning difference certain aspects of study can be considerably more challenging.

The school is committed to supporting pupils with a range of additional needs, whether they struggle with an unseen disability or medical condition, a learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or simply need some help with time management and organisational skills. To that end, we have a dedicated Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator and a Study Skills Co-ordinator to offer help and guidance to the boys throughout their time at Westminster.

These teachers work with whole classes, smaller groups and individuals, who are referred by teachers. These sessions are designed to be as encouraging and empowering as possible, allowing pupils to gain a clearer sense of their needs and their individual learning style and to help them to identify solutions to overcome potential challenges.

Other ways in which our pupils are supported


We work to protect and support our pupils, helping them to develop into healthy, fulfilled and resilient young people and making sure they feel safe and enjoy their time at Westminster

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Every Westminster pupil belongs to a house during their time at the Under School, which will become almost like a family to them as it provides the basis for many friendships and will be the space in which they spend a considerable portion of their time

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Westminster's bursary programme enables boys of exceptional talent and promise to benefit from a high-quality education, regardless of their background or financial position

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