"I know I am so lucky to have this scholarship, it will help me a lot in my future"

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Reise, 11, Tudor's

“I know I am so lucky to have this scholarship, it will help me a lot in my future. The teachers give me so much support and help and I know I am getting better all the time.”


A number of awards of up to 10% remission of current academic tuition fees with free instrumental tuition are offered annually for boys at age 11 who show outstanding potential on at least one instrument.

The standard expected of potential candidates is Grade 5 or above on their principal instrument and, though not essential, some skill on a second instrument should be encouraged. Candidates will be required to play two contrasting pieces on their principal instrument and one piece on their second, to read at sight and to attempt a few ear tests. Choristers are also invited to sing. An accompanist will be provided by the school and we ask that candidates do not bring their own. Time is allocated for rehearsal.

Candidates are required to register for the school’s 11+ entrance examinations and, subject to satisfactory performance in the pre-tests, will be invited to audition in January. Award holders will be expected to play a full and lively part in the musical life of the school.

The closing date for entries to these awards is 1st December. The Director of Music will be pleased to meet prospective candidates beforehand by arrangement.

Any further enquiries should be addressed to the Registrar.

"I love music so much."