"I love RS because it helps me understand myself. It's about studying other people's thoughts and confronting my own"

Gregory, age 12, likes piano, golf and RS

Alasdair, age 11, likes singing, geography and Mandarin

"Geography has made me more aware of what’s happening in the world and challenged me on how I respond to those issues”

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Barnaby, age 10, likes drama, cello and table tennis

“I loved doing the Junior Production because we improved so much from the beginning to the end and the shows were amazing”

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“I love finding out the past . All the plot twists make it more exciting than a good book."

Riccardo, age 10, likes History, cornet and swimming

Hugo, age 8, likes piano, karate and ICT

"Karate is such a cool after-school club, I get super fit and healthy but I also have to train my mind - you have to focus to be the best at karate"

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Mattias, age 12, likes badminton, tennis and Latin

“Classics is my favourite lesson of the week, as I love translating the stories”

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Sebastian, age 11, likes ICT, hockey and fencing

“I like working with graphics and video, so it’s great that we’re an Apple school because it makes it so easy”

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“I love to play in the school orchestra - I feel proud of how great we sound and knowing that I’m playing a part."

Jimin, age 13, likes history, violin and football

Jaakko, age 12, likes drums, maths and cookery

“An equation to sum up the maths at our school: maths = awesome fun!”

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Zahid, age 9, likes history, singing and cricket

“I’ve always loved to sing but here I've learned proper technique and posture and have more control over my voice, I’m so much better now!”

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“I love doing experiments, especially the one where you rub rocks together to see which was hardest. It rocked."

Yianni, age 9, likes science, piano and computer coding