Our Values

The values of an institution reflect its ethos. At Westminster, they serve as a benchmark against which words and actions (and the values themselves) can be measured or tested. That iterative process in turn informs the ethos and shapes the evolution of the institution.

Our Values

The following might be said to characterise a Westminster education. It is a series of statements designed neither to exhort, nor to exhaust, but hopefully to encourage.

  • Enjoying an academic education in which we are “liberally instructed in good books” and encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity, critical self-reflection and a passion for seeking truth through evidence, informed discussion and a healthy scepticism.
  • Cherishing a culture which marries ambition with compassion, integrity and empathy so that each individual, with all their particular enthusiasms, can flourish safely and happily in a climate of mutual respect and physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Embracing opportunities to be creative and collaborative, recognising that through the arts, sport, spiritual exploration and service we can develop our full range of talents and build resilience, confidence and insight as fully rounded human beings.
  • Challenging prejudice, promoting justice and committing to fairness, equality and inclusion in all our interactions with individuals and communities, proudly conscious that we are a progressive school in the heart of one of the world’s most diverse cities.
  • Promoting personal responsibility in all that we do, including our behaviour towards others and respect for our shared environment, so that subsequent generations have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a liberal education and to make a difference.

Westminster has always cherished idiosyncrasy. At the same time, we know that individual talent is stimulated and supported by the collective pursuit and celebration of excellence.

By working together, with kindness, rigour and respect, we can each be nourished intellectually, physically and spiritually as we strive to be good citizens and to achieve distinction.

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