Our Vision

The School’s vision is predicated on its ethos and values and seeks to outline the strategic direction of travel over the medium to long term. The precise means by which these goals are to be achieved constitute the School Development Plan, which is reviewed annually.

Broadly speaking, our vision for the 2020s can be expressed as three broad goals:

1. Transforming lives
We are committed to widening access and becoming needs-blind on entry, as well as supporting families in the School who encounter unexpected difficulties. Mechanisms to achieve these goals include the Ben Jonson Foundation and the George Herbert Fund both of which are supported by our generous donors.

2. Transforming experience
We want to ensure that the experience of all our pupils – drawn from as wide a range of backgrounds as possible – continues to evolve and improve. This will be achieved by curriculum review (including Westminster Online), capital expenditure, and a commitment further to increasing diversity, equality and inclusion in all areas of school life which will enrich the experience of all and equip pupils for the twenty-first century.

3. Transforming impact
We believe in the value of a liberal education and want to work with local and global partners to contribute to positive outcomes for young people in the UK and beyond. This will be achieved by existing programmes like Platform and Horizons, by overseas ventures, and by digital means in order to have the greatest impact.

Taken together, our vision is to sustain and develop a community of scholars, irrespective of financial means, background or points of view, who care deeply about the life of the mind and the lives of others and have the educational wherewithal to be good ancestors for those who follow us.


APRIL 2021