The ethos of Westminster School’s curriculum – to take our pupils well beyond the examination syllabus and to inspire them with a life-long interest in the subject – has the happy effect of enabling pupils to achieve top grades in public examinations and places at internationally acclaimed universities.

Our style of teaching is designed to enrich and extend understanding. We give pupils plenty of opportunity to take initiative in their learning. Collaborative and independent research projects, presentations, seminar-style discussion and a rich variety of enthusiastically attended pupil-led societies encourage pupils to learn actively and from each other. As a result many are inspired to enter competitions and with great success, including international Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Linguistics Olympiads and the IGGY and Litro Young Writers’ Prize.

Public Examination Results

Public Examination Results Summer 2018

Enjoyment and passion for academic study means Westminster pupils attain top grades. Consistently in the last 5 years we have achieved over 97% A*/A and over 84% A* grades at GCSE – in 2017 99% A*/A and 88% A*. From 2020 Westminster pupils will take the new GCSE qualifications graded 9-1 in all subjects. In 2017 performance in the new English Language and Mathematics GCSEs graded 9-1 bodes well for future success in spite of tougher exams: 87% of grades at level 8/9 (A* equivalent) and 98% 9-7 (A*/A equivalent).

An unusual feature of the Sixth form curriculum at Westminster is that most pupils take four subjects at A-Level and/or Pre-U instead of three, alongside a programme of academic enrichment courses ranging from ‘Genes and Memes’ and ‘Early Modern Political Thought’ through to ‘Russian Cinema’ and ‘Arabic’. Consistently pupils have achieved over 54.5% A* in the last 5 years. This makes us the top performing academic school in Britain.

Leavers’ Destinations

Westminster pupils apply successfully to top universities, nationally and internationally. 70-80 pupils each year have been offered places at Oxford and Cambridge in the last five years. American universities are proving increasingly popular, with as many as forty pupils applying successfully each year, some also gaining offers at Oxford or Cambridge. Pupils have also accepted places at universities offering leading courses in their chosen fields: for example, the London School of Economics, Imperial College, the Courtauld Institute, the Sorbonne, the Royal College of Music and the New York Film School.

A review of leavers’ destinations and course choices for 2017 on page 19 of the Further Information booklet demonstrates the wide range of institutions and courses which attract our pupils, illustrating their ambitious, individual and creative approach to Higher Education. A number of pupils each year elect to apply post A-Level and are statistically equally successful in gaining places at their chosen universities. The School provides an excellent programme of mentoring and University Preparation Classes to which current pupils and those who have recently left are welcome.