Establishing and Consolidating Democracy: A means towards stability and social equality

The Westminster Model United Nations Conference (or ‘WesMUN’ for short) will be held from 15 to 17 February 2019 at Westminster School London.

We warmly invite delegates from years 10-13 *, with a keen interest in current affairs and a desire to speak, and act, on global issues, to join us at our conference. We will be debating some of the world’s most pressing problems – from poverty to gender equality to climate change – in a lively and engaging student-run environment.

At the core of our conference will be the theme of democracy. Recent elections and referendums have given rise to increased scrutiny on the system of democracy and discussion as to whether it is still a system which benefits ‘the people’. The ability of democracy to improve stability and social equality is therefore the theme of our conference, and will be represented in our agenda topics, as well as the words and workshops of our guest speakers.

* Year 9 pupils are also welcome, so long as they have some experience of MUN or public speaking and/or will be sufficiently well prepared and supported.


At WesMUN, your fees cover the cost of all staffing, conference materials and lunchtime meals for all delegates and advisors. We have tried to keep costs low and make WesMUN an affordable option for all.

Delegate fees: £45 per person.

Note: We have tried to make WesMUN as accessible as possible to any and all delegates. As a result, pupils who attend a state maintained school will not be required to pay the delegate fee.

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