At Westminster we know that creative expression is a vital outlet for inquisitive minds.

As we encourage our pupils in the pursuit of knowledge, we recognise that they need a variety of ways to both explore and express their questions and conclusions. Involvement in drama, art and music sparks creativity and innovation in many areas of life and study as well as building our pupils’ confidence, improving their communication skills and sharpening their empathetic abilities. Engaging in the Arts has a positive impact on a pupil’s all-round academic performance, improving both their interest in other subjects and their results.

This is borne out in wider society: creativity is now one of the top five skills sought by business leaders when recruiting new talent; it has been shown that Nobel laureates in the sciences are 17 times more likely to be actively engaged in the arts than average scientists; and studies show that participation in the Arts increases civic engagement and leads to better overall social cohesion.

We also celebrate the Arts for their own value, embracing the richness they add to the life of the school and the lives of individual pupils. We take great pride in the creative endeavours of our pupils and showcase them throughout the school year, with numerous exhibitions, concerts and plays. Across all ages and abilities, opportunities abound for involvement in our vibrant Arts programme.


A huge variety of artistic media are available to pupils, from painting and drawing to textile work, ceramics, sculpture and digital design.



Many plays are performed each year at the school, always involving at least one opera or musical, a contemporary piece and a Shakespeare play.



Approximately five hundred music lessons take place at Westminster each week, from orchestral instruments and vocal tuition to music technology.