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A valiant effort by the First VIII at Henley, having already beaten Winchester College, sees them lose out in the second round by 1/2 length to the eventual winners, Eton.
Some consolation though with a Henley Final victory for OW, Sam Meijer’s Quad in the Prince of Wales Cup.

The best of luck to our First VIII who row against Winchester College later today in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta. Floreat!

The 1st IV are into the semi-finals of the Clark Trophy at the ISTA Championships, having beaten Hymer’s College, Hull by 2-0 (L. Rozanov & Lu. Walewski 6-0 6-1; J. Belanger & B. Sutton-Mattocks 6-0 6-1).

At the Open Czech National Rowing Championships over the weekend, Emma Kohlmayer won the bronze medal in the Junior Singles in what was a full World Junior Championship field.