Recent Sporting Success

Over the last decade or so, Westminster School has enjoyed considerable sporting success in a variety of Stations. These successes are outlined on this page

Recent Sporting Success

Over the last decade or so, Westminster School has enjoyed considerable sporting success in a variety of Stations.

  1. Westminster’s Athletics Sports 2022 - 1500 m
    Athletics & Cross Country

    London Schools’ Championships
    Overall Team Winners 2015-2017 and 2006-2013
    Seniors Boys Team
    Winners 2020, 2015 and 2007-2013
    Individual: 2018 – Silver; 2013 – Gold and Bronze
    Inters Team
    Winners 2017, 2013, 2009, 2007 and 2006
    Individual: 2016-2017 – Silver; 2015 – Gold
    Juniors Team
    Winners 2015 and 2006
    Individual: Silver 2016
    Senior Girls Team
    Winners 2020, 2013, 2012 and 2006
    Individual: 2013 – Silver

  2. Cricket

    London Schools’ U19 Cup
    Winners: 2021, 2018, 2016, 2013, 2009 and 2008
    London Schools’ U15 Cup
    Winners: 2019, 2005 Runners-up: 2018, 2016 and 2015
    ESCA London U14 Cup
    Winners: 2017

  3. Fencing

    Public Schools’ Fencing Championships
    2019: Individual Gold in Boys’ Mount-Haes Épée, Silver in Senior Boys’ Foil and Bronze in Senior Girls’ Épée
    2018: Individual Bronze in Senior Boys’ Foil
    2017: Individual Gold in Senior Boys’ Épée and
    Bronze in Boys’ Junior Foil
    2016: Individual Silver in Boys’ Mount-Haes Épée
    2015: Individual Bronze in Boys’ Mount-Haes Foil

    Épée U20 National Championships
    Individual Gold 2021

    Épée U17 National Championships
    Individual Silver 2021
    2002-2007 (The Bartlett Trophy)

  4. Football

    National ISFA Sixes Tournament Plate
    Winners 2019
    Boodles ISFA U18 Cup
    Quarter-Finalists 2013 and 2007
    London ISFA Cup
    Runners-Up 2014 and 2007
    Players picked for National ISFA
    U18 (Boys and Girls), U16, U15 and U14
    Several players in U18 and U16 ISFA regional
    representative sides

  5. Judo

    HMC Independent Schools’ Judo Championships

    2020: two Silvers and one Bronze
    2018: one Gold, one Silver and Small Team Trophy Winners
    2017: one Silver, three Bronze
    2016: one Gold, one Silver, one Bronze
    2015: one Silver, one Bronze
    2014: one Gold, one Silver

  6. Rock Climbing

    In 2019, two Westminster Girls represented England at the first World Schools Climbing Championships.

    Independent Schools’ Championships
    Overall Team Winners 2009-2014
    2017: Individual Silver
    2016: Team Winners: Senior; Individual Winners: Senior Bouldering and Senior Lead Climber; Individual Silver
    2015: Team Winners: Senior
    2014: Team Winners: Senior; Individual Winners: Junior Climber, Junior Boulder, Junior Top Rope
    2013: Team Winners: Senior and Junior; Individual Winners: Senior Circuit, Senior Boulder, Junior Circuit, Junior Rope
    2012: Team Winners: Junior and Senior Bouldering; Junior Leading

  7. Tennis

    ISTA Thomas Bowl Cup (U15s)
    Champions 2015
    ISTA Youll Cup (U18s)
    Runners-Up 2006

  8. Water

    Henley Royal Regatta
    Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup
    2015: Runners-Up
    Fawley Challenge Cup (Junior M4x)
    2010: Runners-Up
    2009: Winners
    Princess Grace Challenge Cup (Open W4x)
    2009: Winners

    National Schools’ Regatta
    2021: one Silver
    2019: three Gold, one Silver
    2018: three Gold, one Silver, one Bronze
    2017: one Gold, one Silver, one Bronze
    2016: four Gold, two Silver, one Bronze, including retaining Championship Eights and Championship Coxless Fours
    2015: two Gold, two Silver, two Bronze, including winning Championship Eights (for the first time) and Championship Coxless Fours
    2014: three Gold, four Bronze
    2013: four Gold, one Silver (2nd in overall league table)
    2012: one Gold, two Silver, one Bronze

    Schools’ Head
    2018: Winners of J16 Championship Eights, 2nd in J15 Championship Eights.
    2016: Winners of Championship Eights, J15 Championship Eights and J15 Fours.
    2015: Winners of Championship, J16 Eights, Junior and J15 Fours

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