The Sixth Form

Video - Life in the Sixth Form Video – Boarding in the Sixth Form

The Westminster Sixth Form is often regarded as a ‘half-way’ house between school and university. As such it aims to provide a safe, stable and enriching community in which pupils are encouraged to learn about the world around them in order actively to engage with it and lead a fulfilling life beyond Westminster. With an enviable speaker programme and an ever-increasing range of academic, artistic, sporting and cultural expeditions, Westminster’s global dimension provides pupils with every opportunity to develop their cultural capital and understanding. Alongside this, the School coordinates a popular and thriving volunteering programme, which encourages Sixth Form pupils to engage with the local community in a meaningful way, thus developing social understanding and responsibility.

Approximately 70 new pupils are admitted to the Sixth Form every year where they join the boys who have moved up from the Lower School. Girls can enter the school at this stage and they make up a third of the two Sixth Form year groups. Some new Sixth Form pupils come from overseas (approximately 15 every year). Entry to the Sixth Form is through competitive examinations – see Sixth Form Online Registration.