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Westminster has always been a boarding school. Today about a quarter of our pupils board, which means that there is a lively boarding community of approximately 190 boys and girls. Most of them go home at weekends, but a few older boarders opt to remain at school, where there is the full support system of housemasters and matrons.

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The advantages of being a boarder at Westminster

  • It's relaxed and fun and you spend a lot of time with your friends.
  • You can take full advantage of the school's extended evening programme: concerts, plays, lectures, etc.
  • There are organised evening activities in the Sports Centre and Music Centre.
  • Every evening there’s structured time for prep between 7:15pm and 9pm with the support of housemasters and tutors.
  • You can see your family at weekends and you can go home for special occasions such as family birthdays or religious festivals.

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Making Changes

A pupil's status may be changed from boarding to day but it is expected that such a change would occur only at the end of the academic year.

Boarding Houses

With the exception of Purcell's, all the boarding houses are situated around Little Dean's Yard, which adds to the sense of community. College is the boarding house for the 40 Queen's Scholars. Rigaud's is also a boys-only boarding house; Grant's, Busby's and Liddell's have boy and girl boarders. Purcell's, which is situated on the corner of Tufton Street and Great College Street, has girl boarders only. All boarding houses have day girls and/or day boys, e.g. there are nine day girls in Rigaud's and there are 38 day boys in Purcell's.