Term Dates

Lent Term 2015

 Monday 5 January Staff Inset (from 8.30am)
  Boarders return (12 noon - 1.45pm)
  Term begins (1.50pm)
 Friday 23 January Exeat Weekend begins (1.50pm)
 Monday 26 January Exeat Weekend ends (8.50am)
 Tuesday 10 February Shrove Tuesday: The Greaze
 Friday 13 February EXEAT begins (4.30pm)
 Monday 23 February EXEAT ends (8.50am)
 Saturday 7 March No School: The Dean's Play
 Friday 27 March Term ends (12 noon)

Election Term 2015

 Sunday 19 April Boarders return (6.00 - 9.00pm)
 Monday 20 April Term begins (9.00am)
 Saturday 2 May Exeat Weekend begins (1.00pm)
 Tuesday 5 May Exeat Weekend ends (8.50am)
 Friday 22 May EXEAT begins (4.30pm)
 Monday 1 June EXEAT ends (8.50am)
 Tursday 25 June - Monday 29 June Lower School Expeditions
 Saturday 27 June No School Saturday
 Wednesday 1 July Term Ends (11.00am)

Play Term 2015

 Wednesday 2 September Staff Day (from 9.00am)
 Thursday 3 September Induction Day for new pupils from 9.30am
  Existing Boarders return from 12 noon
 Friday 4 September Term begins (8.50am)
 Saturday 19 September September Saturday
 Friday 25 September Exeat weekend begins (4.30pm)
 Sunday 27 September Exeat weekend ends (6.00pm)
 Monday 28 September - Thursday 1 October London School Expeditions
 Saturday 17 October EXEAT begins (1.00pm)
 Sunday 1 November EXEAT ends (6.00pm)
 Friday 20 November Exeat weekend begins (4.30pm)
 Sunday 22 November Exeat weekend ends (6.00pm)
 Saturday 28 November No School (Sixth Form Entry Interviews)
 Wednesday 16 December Term ends (12 noon)

Lent Term 2016

 Tuesday 5 January Boarders return (6.00 - 9.00pm)
 Wednesday 6 January Term begins (8.50am)
 Friday 22 January Exeat weekend begins (4.30pm)
 Monday 25 January Exeat weekend ends (8.50am)
 Tuesday 9 February Shrove Tuesday: The Greaze
 Friday 12 February EXEAT begins (4.30pm)
 Monday 22 February EXEAT ends (8.50am)
 Saturday 5 March No School - The Dean's Play
 Wednesday 23 March Term ends (12 noon)

Election Term 2016

 Wednesday 13 April Boarders return (6.00 - 900pm)
 Thursday 14 April Term begins (8.50am)
 Friday 29 April Exeat Weekend begins (4.30pm)
 Tuesday 3 May Exeat Weekend ends (8.50am)
 Friday 27 May EXEAT begins (4.30pm)
 Monday 6 June EXEAT ends (8.50am)
 Thursday 30 June - Monday 4 July Lower School Expeditions
 Wednesday 6 July Term Ends (11.00am)