In line with the Government’s current advice, the School remains open. We are, however, taking a number of additional measures to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the school community, which are paramount in our decision-making.

Large Gatherings
In the interests of keeping to a minimum large gatherings of people, we have cancelled or postponed large-scale events, both on and off site. This includes assemblies, Abbey services and the Barbican Concert scheduled for Tuesday 17 March.

Co-Curricular Activities and Events
The School continues to offer as complete a range of co-curricular activities as is possible, while ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of all involved. Internal activities such as pupil Society meetings, Station practices, recitals and rehearsals will continue as normal. All sporting fixtures against other schools have been cancelled for the remainder of term. For activities or events involving external visitors to the School, these will only go ahead subject to us being able to obtain confirmation that the individuals or organisations concerned are adhering to the same stringent standards for combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus as the School itself is adopting.

Residential Trips
The School has cancelled all overseas trips scheduled for the forthcoming Easter break. The School has also taken the decision to postpone UK-based trips.

Pupil Absence from School
It continues to be the School’s expectation that pupils should attend lessons and activities as normal, unless they are unwell or self-isolating in line with the latest government guidelines.

Existing Guidance
Please note that these updates are in addition to our existing guidelines as outlined in recent communications and website announcements, and these principles continue to apply.

All staff and pupils have been briefed and are receiving regular updates on the most effective methods of limiting the spread of the virus, including the vital importance of regular hand-washing, as re-emphasised by the Government in its recent briefing.

Further information for parents and guardians of current pupils is available via the School’s Parent Portal.

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