The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all but essential travel to China. As a result, the School strongly advises against pupils travelling to, or receiving visitors from, China during the February half term. We are now stating that anyone choosing not to follow this advice will be required to self-isolate in the UK for a period of 14 days before being allowed back into School. The Head Master has now also placed restrictions on all other visits to and from China, including those by staff. These restrictions may expand to other parts of the globe, to reflect further FCO travel advisories as we receive them.

It is highly likely that restrictions will still be in place at Easter, and the School is asking that everyone now plan for that eventuality. All pupils planning to travel overseas at Easter have been asked to confirm their arrangements with Housemasters, and this includes travel to areas not currently at risk, as the outbreak continues to spread. Any person travelling to or receiving visitors from an area that either has an FCO travel advisory in place or is subject to an FCO travel advisory before the start of the Election Term, will be required to self-isolate in the UK for a period of 14 days before being allowed back into School. Therefore, those who have been in the UK for the whole Easter break will be outside the incubation period and able to return to School, unless they have been in contact with other potentially infected persons. Should the virus begin to spread within the UK, this guidance will be updated in accordance with the Chief Medical Officer’s requirements.

The school community is being fully supportive of those with friends and family in affected areas and is well aware of the significant burden that these precautionary restrictions pose. However, the health and welfare of each and every member of the school community is the School’s primary concern.

Further information for parents and guardians of current pupils is available via the School’s Parent Portal.

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