Although for many years Westminster educated only boys, girls have been a valued part of the school community since the late 1960s.

Female pupils first began coming to Westminster fairly informally, simply to attend lessons in subjects their own schools did not offer, but by 1973 girls were able to be full members of the school and from that point on they joined in significant numbers. Now we enjoy having between 120-140 girls in our Sixth Form most years, with approximately a third of those girls living in as boarders.

As with all pupils, each girl will be assigned to a House: this provides them with a stable and supportive community for the duration of their time with us and allows them to easily socialise with peers of different ages, genders and backgrounds. In addition to the pastoral support offered by their Housemaster and Tutor, the girls also benefit from the guidance of the Head of Upper School, a senior female member of staff whose responsibility it is to look after the interests of the girls at the School.

However, this special attention our girls receive is not designed to mark them out as different but to support them to be fully integrated into the academic and extra-curricular life of the school. From daily lessons and weekly societies to termly sporting events and annual plays, Westminster girls participate fully and equally in all aspects of school life.