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Senior quiz team crowned Schools Challenge national champions

Senior quiz team crowned Schools Challenge national champions

3 May 2022

After months of competing and an intense and challenging lead-up to the grand final, Westminster’s Senior quizzers were victorious in the 2022 Senior Schools Challenge.

Being the most successful school in the competition’s history, with wins from 2005 to 2009, and again in 2016, 2018 and 2020, there were high expectations for this year’s entrants. The team started competing back in March, before advancing to the final at Tonbridge School, where they faced the highly accomplished Perse School.

The competition, which uses the same quiz bowl rules as the infamous TV show University Challenge, consists of 20-minute rounds, with hands on buzzers. In the final, the team, captained by Brendan (Sixth Form, MM) and made up of teammates Rafael (Upper Shell, GG), Blake (Lower Shell, HH) and Luke (Fifth Form, WW), displayed incredible poise and teamworking skills, working together to answer questions ranging from Scottish history to ophthalmology. Despite the two finalists being very well-matched, our pupils defeated their Perse School rivals with a score of 820-700.

Rafael (Upper Shell, GG) said: “We had a few practice sessions as a team, but the best training was probably the House General Knowledge Competition and reading widely.

During the competition itself, it was simultaneously exciting and tense, especially once we got to the latter stages and the final against Perse School.

I enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere and the thrill of buzzing in on the questions. My specialties were geography and sport.”

Luke (Fifth Form, WW) added: “Some moments in the tournament were quite relaxed – at some points we were significantly ahead, but others were quite fraught.”

Blake (Lower Shell, HH) also remarked: “The final match was an especially stressful experience, but we were enjoying every question which was asked. I focused on literature and pop culture, with a bit of science.”

Senior quiz team crowned Schools Challenge national champions

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