Ways of giving

The support of alumni, parents, and friends of Westminster School has a direct impact on our ability to make a real difference to young people’s lives, and we are grateful to everyone who has made, or is considering making, a gift at any level.

All donations made in any of the ways outlined below will be directed towards The Westminster School Campaign’s Bursary Fund, providing life-changing opportunities for young people. If you would like to make a gift to The Ben Jonson Foundation, the endowment fund for bursaries, please contact Lucie Kennedy, Director of Development, at lucie.kennedy@westminster.org.uk.

Pledge a gift

Pledges of support can enable you to spread your gift over time whilst allowing the School to plan for the future. If you would like to make a donation in a number of instalments structured over multiple years, please contact us.


There are several ways in which you can make a gift to The Westminster School Campaign, but making a donation online is by far the easiest. To donate securely online, please follow the links below to make your gifts towards The Bursary Fund. Choose from either a regular gift or a one-off donation. If you would like to support the School in any other way, then do get in touch directly at developmentoffice@westminster.org.uk.

By Post

To make a donation by cheque (made payable to ‘Westminster School’) or to set up a Direct Debit, please complete and return the Donation Form to the Development Office:

Bank transfer

If you would like to make your donation via bank transfer, please use the Westminster School bank account details below, add your name as a reference and let the Development Office know of your gift (developmentoffice@westminster.org.uk or 020 7963 1113) so that we can record it properly and send you a letter of thanks.

Gifts from overseas

Westminster School welcomes gifts from all over the world. Residents of the USA, Hong Kong or European countries should contact the Development Office for more information about the best way to make your donation.

US taxpayers can make tax-deductible gifts through the Westminster School Foundation (US), a 501(c)(3) registered charity. The Westminster School UK Foundation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the 501(c)(3) charity. Donors with tax liabilities in the US (e.g. US-based donors) or those who want to make a gift from funds not remitted to the UK, can give to the US Foundation, and donors with both UK and US tax liabilities (e.g. UK-based American citizens) may be able to give most efficiently through the UK Foundation, subject to the advice of a qualified tax or financial advisor.

International bank transfers can be made using the following Westminster School bank account details:

Account Name:Westminster School
Bank:Royal Bank of Scotland
Branch:London Drummonds
Account Number:00108607
Sort Code:16-00-38
IBAN:GB52 RBOS 1600 3800 1086 07
Reference:[Your Name]

The Westminster School Foundation (UK)

Account Name:Westminster School
Bank:Royal Bank of Scotland
Branch:London Drummonds
Bank Address:49 Charing Cross, London SW1A 2DX
Account Number:11302642
Sort Code:16-00-38
IBAN:GB12 RBOS 1600 3811 3026 42
Reference:[Your Name]

The Westminster School Foundation (US)

Account Name:The Westminster School Foundation (US)
Bank:JP Morgan Chase
Account Number:000000421344255
Wire address:270, Park Avenue, New York, New York 10017
Reference:[Your Name]

To make a donation by cheque (made payable to ‘The Westminster School Foundation US’), please include a note about how you would like it to be directed e.g. towards The Westminster School Campaign for bursaries or as an unrestricted donation, and send it to this address:

The Westminster School Foundation, 708 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, Suite 34, New York NY 10017.


Over the centuries, legacies and bequests have played a vital part in Westminster School’s success and that continues today. A gift in your will can help support the School as a whole, or an aspect of Westminster life with which you have a particular affinity. Leaving a legacy is an ideal way to make a lasting contribution to The Ben Jonson Foundation, the endowment fund for bursaries established in 2018.

Whether you are writing your will for the first time or amending it with a codicil, leaving a bequest to Westminster School is straightforward.

The A. A. Milne Society

We are delighted to welcome all our legacy donors to be members of the A. A. Milne Society, a group which recognises the generosity and vision of everyone who has remembered Westminster School in their will. As a member of this Society you will receive invitations to special events and receive updates on Westminster news. Named after perhaps our most famous benefactor, A. A. Milne (QS 1893-1900), the Society and all its members help to ensure that Westminster will continue to thrive, making a substantial contribution to society for centuries to come. The Milne bequest made a significant difference to the School, allowing us to make considerable investment in buildings and infrastructure. Today, Westminster School receives royalties amounting to approximately the annual fees of one pupil from the rights that A. A. Milne bequeathed to the School and his legacy lives on.

Leaving your legacy

As your will is one of the most important documents you will ever make, we recommend that you consult your legal advisers before drafting a new will, updating an existing one or making other plans for your estate. If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to Westminster School, please get in touch with Kat Stobbs, Development and Alumni Relations Manager, at kat.stobbs@westminster.org.uk.