Westminster Economist with brace of essay-prize successes

It is a pleasure to announce and celebrate the achievement of Arda Battalgazi, who has managed to secure prizes in not one but two national Economics essay-writing competitions this month.

Arda secured prizes in both the ‘Royal Economics Society and Financial Times Young Economist of the Year’ and the University of Cambridge’s ‘Marshall Society Economics Essay Competition’. Securing chosen-category winner in the former and runner-up in the latter, Arda has demonstrated a great deal of dedication and scholarship in his writing.

His essay for the Young Economist of the Year competition posited the following question: “Given the concentration of high-value economic sectors in big cities, is a promise to significantly reduce regional inequalities by ‘levelling up’ possible to fulfil?”. Arda’s essay explores the UK’s disproportionate specialisation in the financial sector and the regional repercussions for our economy, and disentangles the country’s current regional economic difficulties from the received orthodoxy of labour immobility theory, which he argues no longer serves as a useful approach. The essay is well referenced and demonstrates a real insight into the UK economy. So too with his essay for the Marshall Society, which asked “To what extent should societies be concerned about the consequences of crisis stimulus packages?”. An even more relevant and pressing question as the UK Government attempts to navigate itself out of the COVID-19 recession, with its radical fiscal and monetary policy solutions.

All in all a deeply impressive display of commitment to the study of Economics, and an achievement in which Arda can justifiably take pride.

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