Westminster School is one of the UK’s leading academic schools and the only ancient London school to occupy its original site.
About Westminster
Boys may enter the Under School at ages 7, 8 or 11, and the Great School at age 13. Both boys and girls may enter the Great School at age 16.
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Academic Life
Westminster is one of the foremost centres of academic excellence in the country.
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School Life
Westminster offers a vibrant and holistic education, where pupils are challenged and engaged.
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The Westminster ethos encourages pupils not only to make the most of their talents and to take intellectual risks, but also to pursue a healthy, rounded lifestyle.
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Contributing to society in holistic and generous ways forms a key part of our pupils’ educational experience.
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Westminster from within 2017-2018


In this elegant volume of stunning photographs, we offer up the life of Westminster School as perceived by the photographer Christopher Jonas during his weeks in residence, to you, members and friends of our School community, in celebration of Westminster life 2017-2018.