Widening Access

In line with the ethos of the school founders, whose focus was always on social inclusion, we want to widen access to Westminster and encourage young people who previously might not have considered applying.

Working together with the Under School, we are running a Primary Schools’ Enrichment Programme designed for Gifted and Talented Year 5 pupils from the state sector, aiming to develop their abilities and grow their confidence. Our staff from the Great School are developing close partnerships with primary schools across the country where promising pupils are identified and nominated by their Head Teachers, with parental agreement, and invited to attend a series of approximately 14 enrichment days throughout the year.

The programme is led by teaching staff at the Under School and focuses on the academic development of pupils in a range of subject areas with an emphasis on English, Maths and Science. Time is dedicated to problem solving, working together, thinking independently and, most importantly, giving each child the opportunity to discover their potential. They also get to have fun outside the classroom with a range of sporting and extra-curricular activities, making use of the school’s nearby Sports Centre and the playing fields at Vincent Square.

The programme is designed to both bring out and nurture the children’s natural abilities, showing them in the process the kind of education they could aim for and benefit from.

For more information on the programme, please contact oliver.hopwood@westminster.org.uk and see our web pages at westminsterplatform.org.uk.