Westminster School is one of the UK’s leading academic schools and the only ancient London school to occupy its original site.

Our Ethos

The ethos of the School resides in the tradition reflected in the 1560 Elizabethan Charter, which declares: “The youth which is growing to manhood [today we would properly say adulthood], as tender shoots in the wood of our state, shall be liberally instructed in good books to the greater honour of the state”.

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About Westminster

Westminster is an ancient school in the heart of London, the only one still to occupy its original site, immediately next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Its origins can be traced to a charity school established by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of St Peter, and it is more than likely that this spiritual and educational tradition goes back as far as 960 AD.

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8 September 2021

Young Reporter of the Year

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24 June 2021

Westminster v Ebbsfleet United FC Academy

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School Life


Westminster has a long history as a boarding school and today we have a lively boarding community of approximately 190 boys and girls.

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Westminster’s programme of sport, known within the school as Station, offers pupils a choice of more than 25 different sporting activities.

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Academic Life


Westminster’s 40+ societies, the diversity of which reflects our pupils’ broad range of interests, are open to the whole school.

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Join Us

Find out when your child is able to join the School using the personalised age checker and timeline.

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Support Us

Westminster School gratefully welcomes any donations to support our fundraising efforts across the School and its community.

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