"I love challenging myself to solve intriguing questions"

Where inquisitive minds shape history

By any measure, Westminster is one of the foremost centres of academic excellence in the country; however, our aim is not to simply churn out excellent exam results but to develop well-rounded pupils with a love of learning and an enthusiasm for life.

We believe that one of the best ways to achieve this is to provide a stimulating and challenging teaching programme, offering our pupils lessons that are truly interactive, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. We expect the boys to work hard and be active participants in their classes; thinking for themselves, asking questions and engaging fully in group discussions.

In part, we are preparing them very practically for the next stage of their academic career. Whether our pupils continue on to Westminster Great School, or join other schools such as Eton or Winchester, they will sit entrance and scholarship examinations and we ensure that they are working at an appropriately level to reach the senior school of their choice.

More significantly, however, we are preparing them for the rest of their lives. Just as Westminster’s long history of thoughtful, high-quality scholarship helps to fill and shape the inquisitive minds of our pupils, so in turn our pupils are empowered and educated to shape the world they venture out into, whether through their work, their friendships and family life, or their community involvement.

The Under School Day

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Academic Life at the Under School

The Curriculum

Take a look at the subjects Westminster teaches and the ways in which we help pupils to learn and develop

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Leaver Destinations

The academic excellence of the Under School almost always enables our pupils to gain acceptance to the upper school of their choice

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