The Library

The Library

Whether our pupils are searching for knowledge, quiet reflection, reading for pleasure, or to exercise their imagination, the Westminster Library will answer their needs.

Our Library has over 20,000 books and a wide selection of newspapers, journals, DVDs, audiobooks and access to more than 25 subscription services in a variety of languages and on a range of topics.

Each of our resources is carefully selected to stimulate the scholastic requirements of the School community and to support intellectual enquiry, learning and thought. Regular promotional displays and reading lists also encourage a questioning, independent approach to learning. The Library supports recreational reading too, with a number of interesting fiction and non-fiction titles in our collection, as well as access to the school’s Digital Library where pupils can download books to their personal e-readers and other devices.

The Library is housed in a suite of historic rooms on the first floor of Ashburnham House. Day pupils and boarders alike can be found enjoying this beautiful facility throughout the school day and into the evenings, as it provides a quiet yet stimulating place to study and reflect.

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The Library is staffed by two full-time professional Librarians and two part-time Senior Library Assistants and it is open 8.30am – 9.00pm during the week and 8.30am – 1.15pm on Saturdays.

Library News

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