Westminster Phab

Westminster’s Phab week is hosted in partnership with the national charity Phab, which provides opportunities, through clubs and residential projects, for disabled and abled children and adults to build friendships and have great fun together.

Westminster Phab

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The aim of this annual residential week is to create opportunities for children and adults of all abilities to enjoy life together. A team of approximately 10 Westminster staff oversee the week and attendee numbers are equally balanced between our guests from the Phab programme and our hosting pupils, most of whom are in the Sixth Form. This mix helps to ensure more balanced and positive integration and also helps to provide suitable care and attention for all participants.

During the week there are various classes and workshops in Art, Design, Photography, Music, Dance and Drama and attendees work towards a public show at the end of the week. Outings are also arranged to the theatre, art galleries and other cultural places of interest in London. The week aims to enable everyone who participates to develop and explore their talents and potential and, above all, learn to communicate more easily with others.

The Phab week is another area of our community outreach that we engage with financially as well as practically. Thanks to our pupils’ amazing fundraising efforts throughout the school year, we are able to offer the whole week completely free of charge. This is vital in ensuring that a wide range of people are included and able to benefit.

To learn more about Phab as an organisation visit their website or to find out more about the Westminster Phab week specifically please contact phab@westminster.org.uk.

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