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16+ Entry

Westminster School has an intake of about 200 boys and girls who enter the Sixth Form each year.

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16+ Entry

Westminster School has an intake of about 200 boys and girls who enter the Sixth Form each year. While around 120 of those pupils are boys who are continuing on at the School, the remainder come from a wide range of other schools, and take up both boarding and day places with us.


The online registration for Sixth Form begins the year before entry. Registration for Sixth Form in September 2023 opens in June 2022 and closes in September 2022. The application process follows a similar pattern every year, so please check back in June 2023 for details for 2024 entry and so on.

Before applying to the School, please read all the information below carefully and check our personalised registration age checker to find out when your son or daughter is able to apply to join the School at 16+ entry and to view the registration timeline.

Registration for Sixth Form entry in 2023 opens on 1 June 2022
School visit

The best way to learn about entry to Westminster School at 16+ is to join us for one of two Open Days, with introductory talks and tours of the School. We hold an Open Day in June  and in September every academic year. The next two Open Days for 2023 entry take place on Saturday 25 June and Monday 5 September 2022. For more information and to arrange a 16+ visit, please enquire online.

Entrance Examination

To help the School select pupils for the next 16+ intake, candidates are required to take an examination in the November the year before they join the School.

As part of the registration process, each candidate will be asked to select the four subjects they wish to study at A Level, and in which they will be asked to sit an entrance examination. Please refer to our Sixth Form Subject choices pages for more information and guidance.

  • For 2023 entry, examinations will take place on Saturday 5 November 2022, between 9.00am and 3.30pm in Westminster.
  • Candidates sit examinations in each of the four subjects selected, each lasting 45 minutes. There is information about the examination requirements for each subject within our Departments pages.

Candidates who have performed most strongly in the examinations will be invited for interviews at Westminster in late November; candidates not being invited for interviews will be notified in writing, via email, at the same time. The interview day for 2023 entry will be Saturday 26 November 2022 and all candidates who are invited, including those from overseas, must attend interviews on that day. Candidates invited to interview will complete the following:

  • 20-minute interviews in each of their four examination subjects;
  • 40-minute Thinking Skills Assessment;
  • General interview.

In advance of the interviews, all candidates write a personal statement online and we will provide questions and headings to help with this. In addition, we will write to the Head of the candidate’s current school for a reference to support our selection process.

Offer of a place

Offers of places will be sent out in the first week of December. Some candidates will be placed on a waiting list, and these candidates will be contacted if they are going to be offered a place. The offer of a place is conditional on a candidate achieving a minimum of eight (I)GCSE passes at A / 7 grade, of which at least four are at A* / 8, preferably in the subjects to be studied at A Level.

For September 2023 entry, successful candidates will be invited to spend a day at the School in March 2022. By this time, they will have been allocated to Houses, so this will be an opportunity to get to know the other pupils going into the same House and also to meet existing pupils. Candidates will also meet their Housemasters for the first time. There will be another opportunity to meet with Housemasters after (I)GCSE examinations and before the summer holidays.

Boarding or day?

The decision about whether to apply for a boarding or day place will need to be decided before 16+ registration. See our boarding at Westminster School pages and Boarding Prospectus for further information.

The School welcomes international boarders at 16+ entry: candidates from overseas should refer to the International Applicants page for further details about applying to the School and for information on being an international boarder in the Sixth Form.

Study skills

The School should be informed of any particular needs, including details of exam concessions and copies of relevant diagnostic reports via the online registration form. It should be noted that exam concessions previously agreed will not automatically transfer; regulations state that a new application must be made post-(I)GCSE. For more details, see Westminster School’s Protocol for Exam Concessions, available within the online registration.

For those pupils who do go on to study at Westminster, there is an experienced Learning Development Team to offer guidance and support for pupils who might benefit from specialist input.

Scholarships and Bursaries

We offer a range of scholarships and bursaries at Westminster. For further information about scholarships and bursaries and how to apply, please refer to the Scholarships and Bursaries page.

Find out when your child is able to join the School using the personalised age checker and timeline.

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Westminster School gratefully welcomes donations to support fundraising efforts across the School community.

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