Westminster’s programme of sport, known within the School as Station, offers a choice of more than 25 different sporting activities over the course of the Play (winter), Lent (Spring) and Election (Summer) Terms. We have the unusual feature in that all pupils can select freely which sports they participate in. Two afternoons are dedicated to Station each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays; however, pupils may sometimes be involved at other times for additional fitness training, matches and competitions.

We are extremely fortunate, in the centre of London, to have a great deal of outdoor space for sport: in addition to our playing fields at Vincent Square, there are several fives courts on our main site. We also have a wonderful Sports Centre that offers over 6,000m² of indoor space, housing a multi-use movement studio, a rowing training suite, fencing pistes, indoor cricket nets, a fully equipped gym, two climbing walls, a dojo and a table tennis area and courts for basketball, netball, five-a-side football, volleyball, hockey and badminton. In addition, there’s the School’s shooting gallery, and our Boat Club at Putney too.

Our pupils benefit from the involvement of professional coaches, several of whom have represented their countries in international matches and competitions, including the Olympic Games. This is an enormous asset to us, particularly when it comes to preparing our pupils to represent the school in local, national and international events. Competing has led our footballers to France, our cricketers to Barbados and our rowers across the globe, often to great success.

Recent sporting triumphs include: our cricketers winning the London Schools’ U19 Cup three out four times, in 2022, 2021 and 2018, and also the U15 and U15 T20 Cups in 2022; members of our fencing squad securing an Individual Gold in the Boys’ Senior Epee and an Individual Silver in Girls’ Senior Foil at the 2022 Public Schools’ Championships; and our Judo team taking home two Golds, two Silvers and the Small Team Trophy after a highly successful run at the 2022 HMC Independent Schools’ Championships. Spectacularly, on national and international levels, two of our rowers won Silver as part of the Great Britain Eights Crew in the World Junior Championships and one of our fencers secured an assortment of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the European Junior Championships, the British Senior Championships and the Commonwealth Championships.

In addition to the health and wellbeing benefits of regular exercise and the enjoyment our pupils find in playing sport, we also know that our Station programme is giving pupils the opportunity to gain important life skills. Qualities such as time-management, determination, commitment and initiative can be developed through competing against other individuals and teams, in addition to learning how to be both gracious winners and good losers.

Mr James Kershen, Director of Sport

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