Food at Westminster

Whether you are a boarding pupil or a day pupil, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the delicious food at the School. Our professional in-house caterers, Chartwells Independent has a team of 15 chefs who prepare a selection of nutritious dishes and snacks on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and supper.

From group dining in bustling Grant’s to banqueting in the confines of the wood-panelled medieval College Hall, there are many places in which to enjoy food at Westminster. The School’s canteen, StirStir offers a grab’n’go lunch option for those on their way to a society meeting, rehearsal or sports fixture, and groups of pupils are often invited for breakfasts and Housemasters’ lunches in the beautiful Camden Room and the Chaplain’s Refectory.

For boarders, there is many a pizza night, and a delicious pancake- and omelette-filled brunch is always on offer on Sundays. Each House also has its own kitchenette overseen by the Housemasters, for pupils who like to prepare their own snacks.

Throughout the year, the School marks observances, celebrations and festivals by serving up an array of themed feasts. In particular, the School’s annual One World Week showcases culinary delights from all over the world.

Dietary requirements

At Westminster we are committed to meeting the needs of each member of the school community, so everyone can enjoy meal times together. Fish is often on the menu and there is always a vegetarian choice on offer, with the option to request a vegan or gluten-free meal if required. Our catering team takes care to ensure that the School adheres to food standards and safety regulations, so all menus are clearly labelled to identify the 14 major allergens. Should additional information be needed, a member of the catering team is always on hand to answer questions.

For a lighter lunch, a well-stocked buffet-style salad bar provides cold alternatives to hot-food options, with a diverse selection of vegetarian and vegan plates to choose from.


Our dishes are freshly prepared in house by our culinary team, using high-quality and responsibly-sourced ingredients. Our eggs are free range and tea, coffee and sugar all ethically produced; our meat is purchased from accredited farms only and our fish from sustainable suppliers. Our catering team produces a selection of seasonal menus each term, which are rotated on a three-week basis. This presents pupils and staff with the chance to sample a wide variety of cuisine throughout the year.

Safety and hygiene

Our caterers frequently undergo internal and external audits to ensure that high standards are maintained.


Members of the school community are encouraged to fill out feedback slips, and the School’s Boarding Council ensures that the views of pupils are considered regularly. The catering team will always welcome comments and suggestions for improvement.

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