"Every day at Westminster is like an adventure"

Where talent is developed

Whilst academic achievement is encouraged and prized at the Under School, we are also fully committed to nurturing each pupil’s moral, emotional and physical development and wellbeing.

Our goal is to shape pupils of strong and compassionate character and to prepare the boys to lead happy, generous and fulfilled lives. Hence, we have an excellent system of pastoral care which ensures that staff, pupils and families are well connected and are committed to looking out for one another. The house system in particular, where each pupil belongs to a house for the duration of their time at the school, allows staff to observe how boys are progressing outside of the classroom as well as providing a wonderful source of friendship and peer support.

We also ensure that the boys are given ample time and opportunity to discover and cultivate personal interests, skills and new areas of knowledge. Independent thinking and exploration is encouraged and we have no Westminster mould, no typical pupil. Our aim is to draw out and develop individual talent wherever it lies, within a school environment that is busy, passionate and purposeful.

Overall the life of the school is a happy and healthy one, where the boys experience great enjoyment in belonging to a community of people that appreciate their intelligent and enquiring natures, seek to nurture their personal interests and skills and work to help them fulfil their potential.

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Other elements of School life

The Houses

Every Westminster pupil belongs to a house during their time at the Under School and this house will become almost like a family to them, as it provides the basis for many friendships and extra-curricular pursuits

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Pastoral Care

We are committed to protecting and supporting our boys, helping them to develop into healthy, fulfilled and resilient young people and making sure they feel safe and enjoy their time at the Under School

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Community Engagement

We are committed to involving all our boys in a range of activities that allow them to discover and practice what it means to live as compassionate, contributing citizens

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