The DC Simpson Society
Established in 2021, the DC Simpson Society is for former members of the Common Room (CR) to enable contact with each other and, to some extent, the School. It is to be hoped that it will provide a continuance of goodwill and a fondness of a very special place.
About the Society
DC Simpson was a pupil of John Sargeaunt before the Great War, first as a Homeboarder, then as KS; after the war, he returned as a classics master and served as Librarian before becoming Master of the KS from 1934-49. He was Hon. Sec. of the Elizabethan Club and latterly its President, then co-editor of the Record of Old Westminsters Vol. III. He set the standard for Election Dinner alcaics; he was also a parent. And if this record of service to the School were not enough to recommend him to us, he was a benefactor to the School Society, but also, significantly, a key figure in the creation and enhancement of communications and updates among the wider school community, which is exactly what this Society is trying to achieve.

Membership of the DC Simpson Society is open to any former CR member of at least three years in post and all qualifying leaving staff will be invited to join the Society. Membership is entirely voluntary and will be on an opt-in basis; people may opt in or out at any time. In the (rare) case of potentially unsuitable members, the School or CR President may exercise a right of veto.

The Society is run by its members, not by the School. It will from time to time elect a Convenor, who may invite others to assist or set up a committee if he or she wishes. John Arthur has kindly agreed to be the first Convenor.

Regional subgroups will be established if there is sufficient geographical concentration of members and if subgroup convenors can be identified. Those currently in existence are London, SE England, SW England, Welsh Borders, Central England; others may emerge.

The CR President will be the designated link between the CR and the Society. The President may co-opt interested assistance as necessary. The CR Secretary will maintain an email list of members and will be responsible for sending out communications, all of which must go through the School system.

Approximately twice a year (Christmas and summer) the Convenor will contact CR and subgroup representatives to discuss any news, etc. The Convenor will then compose a newsletter for the membership and send to the CR Secretary for dissemination.

The Society will be sensitive to GPDR legislation: members will not by default have access to each other’s contact details. Email addresses on the distribution list will be visible only to the CR Secretary, CR President and regional representatives. However, it is reasonable that members know who the others are, and to this effect a separate list of members will be maintained. Membership of a regional subgroup assumes willingness to share email addresses with others in the same subgroup.  The mailing list may also be used as a way of issuing general invitations to such events as Gaudies, Big Commem, significant lectures, etc.

Join the Society

If you would like to join the Society and you meet the criteria above, please email to request membership, stating where you live (full address is not required) in order to help us to assign you, if possible, to a regional group. Alternatively, you may complete the form below:

Contact Us

All members are warmly encouraged to send news to the Convenor, regional representatives or the President if they have significant news to report.

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