13+ Feeder Schools

The following schools sent boys to Westminster in 2020:

Feeder School Numbers
Arnold House School 3
Devonshire House Preparatory School 3
Dulwich Prep London 7
Durston House 1
Eaton House The Manor 4
Falcons Preparatory School 1
Feltonfleet School 1
Hall School 8
Harrow International School Hong Kong 1
Heathside School 2
Hereward House School 3
Hill House 2
Horris Hill 1
King's College School (Cambridge) 1
Lochinver House School 1
Milbourne Lodge School 1
Newton Prep 3
North Bridge House 1
Notting Hill Preparatory School 1
Orley Farm School 2
St Anthony’s 2
St Paul's Cathedral School 1
Summer Fields 1
Sussex House 6
The Beacon School 1
Thomas’s Battersea 5
Trevor-Roberts’ 5
Ursuline Primary School in Lublin 1
Westminster Under School 45
Wetherby Prep School 5
Wetherby Senior School 1

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