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Science at Westminster aims to inspire and foster curiosity, creativity, collaboration and communication.

The principles describing how the universe functions, and the elegant and beautiful patterns of its behaviour, provide an absorbing course of study that will challenge a pupil’s imagination and will enhance and refine powers of observation, collaboration and communication. Science teaching at Westminster has a significant practical flavour, capitalising on the well-equipped laboratories and the essential nature of science. The courses are challenging, but are very rewarding indeed; they follow features that are independent of the examination board specifications. The Robert Hooke Science Centre, in which all Science lessons are taught, has recently been refurbished and had an extra floor added, including an astronomical observatory, so is an incredible place in which to learn.

There are many opportunities for pupils to become involved with scientific projects beyond the formal curriculum, including the Huxley Society (the School’s Science society), a lecture series given by renowned speakers, research groups, competitions, and the writing and production of the department’s high-quality Hooke Magazine. In the Upper School there is the opportunity to take on extended project work via the Science EPQ.

Subject Combinations
If pupils are considering a Sciences / Arts combination in the Upper School (Years 12 and 13), they need to be clear about what they might want to study at university and to consider carefully whether their options really are as open as they might seem. The Head of Science is always pleased to advise on subject choices involving Sciences and their implications, including Medicine.

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