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“I feel like I can be myself” — fabulous Phab returns to Westminster

“I feel like I can be myself” — fabulous Phab returns to Westminster

25 July 2022

One of Westminster's most important and popular weeks has returned to SW1, with dozens of young men and women coming together with pupils and staff to learn new skills, try different activities, explore London and make new friends.

The School’s 44th Phab residential included a packed programme of on-site events as well of excursions into the capital, including craft workshops, music making, cinema nights, circus skills, karaoke and a visit to Kew Gardens, as well the final day’s Phab Show.

Phab guest Matthew said: “Phab is like family and it plays a big part in my life. July is my favourite month because of Phab and I’ve made a lot of friends. I feel like I can be myself. Because of the pandemic I haven’t been in a long time and I’m loving being back where I belong.”

Claire said: “I’ve been coming to Phab since 1993 when I was about 21 and I’ve been here for 28 years. I enjoy it here: Victoria Station, St James’s Park, Westminster Station. We also made keyrings in the workshop. The outings were amazing and I can even say the weather was good! The staff are brilliant and the food is good. I’m looking forward to coming next year – my 29th year at Phab.”

Westminster pupil Elodie (Remove, LL) added: “From exploring London together to sunny afternoons spent conversing in Yard, this past week with our Phab guests has been nothing short of an immense privilege and joy. Phab 2022 has truly been an incredible experience and the bonds and memories formed will surely remain some of the highlights of my time here at Westminster.

Westminster Housemaster and Phab coordinator, Susan Joyce, said: “Westminster Phab is always a special week but this year, even more so, with a two year gap due to Covid. It was great to see many familiar faces among the guests after such a long time and to see our students be wonderful hosts to them. I was very proud of them and I always appreciate how Phab allows another side of the students to be seen.

“I was a little nervous ahead of the week as I wanted everything to run smoothly. I was immensely grateful to the School support staff of cleaning, works, catering and security – all who were very excited for Westminster Phab to be happening and were so helpful in ensuring that it was a fantastic week. I was also very appreciative of the time that they and other staff volunteered for the week making 2022 Westminster Phab a huge success!”

Phab is one of a number of partnership, community and charity events that take place at Westminster.

Phab inspires and supports disabled and non-disabled children, young people and adults to make more of life together – breaking down community barriers, reducing social isolation, and creating opportunities for all involved to enjoy the same activities and challenges side by side.

“I feel like I can be myself” — fabulous Phab returns to Westminster


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