12 April 2021

Press Release

Fiona Scolding QC to lead Westminster School review

Westminster School’s Governing Body has announced that Fiona Scolding QC will lead an independent review into matters relating to sexual harassment, sexual violence between peers, misogyny and bullying around gender, sex, sexual orientation, or gender reassignment following publication of recent testimonies on the Everyone’s Invited website and elsewhere.

The review will report to an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Oversight Group comprising both selected Governors and representatives of the Westminster School Community, including recent alumni.

Fiona’s remit will be to investigate the School’s culture and ethos, and to make concrete recommendations on amongst other things, policies, procedures, wellbeing curriculum, and staff training.

Testimonies, posts on Everyone’s Invited, and any other correspondence on these matters, from pupils and parents, past and present, will form part of this review, along with direct engagement with staff, pupils, parents, members of the OW community and other key stakeholders.

Mark Batten, Chair of the Governing Body, said: “I, like so many, have been truly appalled by the testimonies of abuse and harassment which have been raised in recent weeks. We are determined to make real and lasting changes to help eradicate discriminatory and abusive attitudes which have no place in our school or society more broadly.

“The overriding aim of this review is to help Westminster to understand the past to improve the care and safeguarding of every single pupil in the future. I am very pleased this critical piece of work will be led by someone of Fiona’s stature and experience.

“She brings significant expertise from her work in areas concerning children and vulnerable adults, with a focus that specifically includes educational settings. We believe she is very well-placed to conduct a comprehensive and effective review at Westminster.”

The review is expected to report back before the end of this year.

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