13+ Entry



The final Open Afternoon for 2019 entry will take place on September 19.

Registration for 13+ entry in 2018 is closed.

If your son attends a primary school please register for 11+ entry to Westminster Under School.

120 boys enter Westminster School at 13+. Approximately 50 of these boys come from our Under School; most of the remainder come from prep schools in London and the Home Counties. Boys who attend state primary schools are advised to transfer to the Under School or to another prep school at 11+. A quarter of the boys who join at 13+ decide to board.


For 13+ entry, boys can be registered from birth and should be registered by the end of Year 5 (the academic year of their 10th birthday).

To find out about visiting the school please click here.

Please click here to download the 13+ registration form.

Entrance Examinations and Interviews

While a boy is in Year 6 (the academic year of his 11th birthday)

  • He takes the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) Common Pre-Tests at his prep school. These are computer tests in English, Mathematics and Reasoning. For more information please go to http://www.iseb.co.uk/pretests.htm . If your son attends a school that does not administer the ISEB Common Pre-Tests please contact us so that alternative arrangements can be made.

  • Westminster School requests a reference from the boy's current head teacher. 

  • Boys who have performed strongly in the tests and who have received a satisfactory report are invited to Westminster for an interview. Most boys are invited during the Lent Term (January – Februar). The interview includes short tests in English and Mathematics.

After completion of this process, parents receive one of three possible letters:

1.  An offer of a conditional place. (For more information about conditional places please refer to the next section about Year 8.)

2.  An offer to place the boy's name on the waiting list for conditional places.

3.  A letter explaining that the boy's application will not be taken forward.

While a boy is in Year 8 (the academic year of his 13th birthday and his final year at preparatory school)

A boy who holds a conditional place must sit our entrance examinations in order to secure his place at Westminster School. Because of the selection process in Year 6 these entrance examinations are 'qualifying' and not 'competitive'.

Parents, in consultation with their son's present school, choose from two sets of entrance examinations:

The Challenge (in May)

This is the Westminster scholarship examination but it is also used as the entrance examination by approximately half the candidates.

Common Entrance (in June)

These papers are used by most leading independent schools and they are more straight-forward than the Challenge papers.

In The Challenge and Common Entrance boys must sit examinations in the following subjects:

Mathematics, English, French, Science, Latin, History, Geography and Scripture (Common Entrance only).

The pass mark for the Common Entrance papers is 70%. A boy who does not reach the qualifying standard in The Challenge will be asked to sit Common Entrance.

For a more detailed explanation of the 13+ admissions process please refer to the Further Information booklet which is sent out with the prospectus.

Scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships and means-tested bursaries up to 100% of the fees are available including the Queen’s Scholarship and Music Scholarship.

School fees

Please refer to the latest list of fees.

There are three terms per academic year.