13+ Entry FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions relating to the 13+ Entry process

7+, 8+ and 11+ Admissions (Westminster Under School)
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13+ and 16+ Admissions (Westminster School)
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13+ Entry FAQs


  • How many applicants are there for 13+ entry?

    Around 500.

  • How many applicants do you interview for 13+ entry?

    Approximately 250.

  • Should I apply for 11+ or 13+ entry?

    We advise those pupils who attend state or independent primary schools that they must leave at the end of Year 6 apply for 11+ entry to Westminster Under School and those boys who attend a school that finishes at the end of Year 8 to apply for 13+ entry to Westminster School. Please note you cannot apply for both 11+ and 13+ entry. You cannot transfer from 11+ to 13+ entry or vice versa.

  • ISEB Common Pre Tests: are past papers available?

    No, but you can view example questions and further information on the ISEB website.

  • We are based overseas: do we have to come to Westminster during the 13+ admissions process?

    It is usually possible for overseas candidates to take the ISEB tests at their own schools. If your son is invited to interview he would have to come to Westminster for his interview and Further Mathematics and English testing in January when he is in Year 6.

  • When will we know if our son has been offered a place?

    By the end of February when your son is in Year 6.

  • Are offers conditional on the Common Entrance?

    No. An unconditional offer is made on the expectation of continued good conduct and academic progress at a boy’s existing school, including an unreserved reference of support from his school in March of Year 8.


  • Is it easier to gain entry by applying for a boarding or a day place?

    No. Selection is based upon academic criteria.

  • I don’t know yet whether my son will want to board, do I have to decide at the time of applying?

    No, you can select ‘Undecided’ on the 13+ online registration. The final decision on boarding versus day is required by the February of the year of entry.

  • Can I state a preference for a boarding House?

    Yes, if you are applying for a boarding place parental preference will be taken into account, but it is not guaranteed. If you are applying for a day place, we prefer parents not to express a preference for a particular day House unless there is a strong family connection.

    The aim is to ensure that each House has among its members a similar cross-section of talents and backgrounds.

  • Can my son board at the weekends?

    No. Boarding is weekly, term-time only and Westminster has compulsory Saturday morning school. All pupils under the age of 16 must have parents resident in the UK with whom they can stay at weekends.

The Challenge

  • Do you provide Challenge past papers?

    Yes, the last three years: please see the Challenge past papers page.

  • Does my son have to board if he is awarded a Queen’s Scholarship?

    Yes. Queen’s Scholars board in College.

  • My son does not take Greek at his current school: can he still take the Scholarship exams?

    Yes, Greek is an optional paper.


  • How and when can I apply for a bursary?

    If your son is offered a place, please email the Bursar’s office to initiate the process of applying for a bursary. The bursary awarded will be finalised when your son is in Year 8.


  • My son is diagnosed SEND: what information do you need?

    An up-to-date report from an educational psychologist and a letter from the candidate’s current school confirming their normal way of working are required by the beginning of October (when your son starts Year 6).

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