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Recent Successes

Public Schools’ Fencing Championships
2019: Individual Gold in Boys’ Mount-Haes Épée, Silver in Senior Boys’ Foil and Bronze in Senior Girls’ Épée
2018: Individual Bronze in Senior Boys’ Foil
2017: Individual Gold in Senior Boys’ Épée and
Bronze in Boys’ Junior Foil
2016: Individual Silver in Boys’ Mount-Haes Épée
2015: Individual Bronze in Boys’ Mount-Haes Foil

Épée U20 National Championships
Individual Gold 2021

Épée U17 National Championships
Individual Silver 2021
2002-2007 (The Bartlett Trophy)

Fencing is a long-standing major Station at Westminster. It takes place in the main hall of the Sports Centre. With the help of two expert and high-level external coaches, pupils have the opportunity to learn all three weapons, the Épée, Foil and Sabre, thereby developing their coordination, skill, speed and general fitness. 45 to 50 pupils participate in fencing Station.

During the Play and Lent Terms, pupils participate in matches against top fencing schools. The competitive season culminates in the Public Schools’ Championships, in which the School has a distinguished record of individual triumphs and team victories, including winning Gold in the Mount-Haes Épée in 2019 and in the Senior Épée in 2017.

Fencing Station continues into the Election Term, focusing upon individual development. During the year, the Station is complemented by the fencing LSA for particularly keen and gifted fencers.

Westminster’s successful history of fencing is borne out by the fact that Great Britain’s only representative at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics was Old Westminster, Marcus Mepstead.

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